Networking CLI Rosetta Stone

Networking CLI Rosetta Stone

by | Aug 27, 2022

Changing between network operating systems is one of the most challenging things for new engineers. Most people learned cisco cli due to their extensive training system or got on the job training for whatever their company runs.

We are hoping to make moving back and forth between network operating systems a little easier with some useful show and operational commands for Mikrotik, Juniper, Cisco, and IP Infusion. There are in detail usages of these commands on

OSPF Commands

MikroTikJuniperCiscoIP Infusion
routing ospf neighbor printshow ospf neighborshow ip ospf neighborshow ip ospf neighbor
routing ospf interface printshow ospf interfaceshow ip ospf interfaceshow ip ospf interface
routing ospf instance print detailshow ospf overview briefshow ip ospf 1show ip ospf 1
routing ospf lsa printshow ospf databaseshow ip ospf databaseshow ip ospf database
ip route print where ospf=yesshow route protocol ospfshow ip route ospfshow ip route ospf

routing ospf area-border-router print
show ospf route abrshow ip ospf border-routersshow ip ospf border-routers

routing ospf as-border-router print
show ospf route asbrshow ip ospf border-routersshow ip ospf border-routers

MPLS – LDP Commands

MikrotikJuniperCiscoIP Infusion
mpls ldp neighbor printshow ldp neighborshow mpls ldp neighborshow mpls ldp neighbor
mpls ldp interface printshow ldp interfaceshow mpls interfacesshow ldp interface
mpls forwarding-table printshow route forwarding-table family mplsshow mpls forwarding-tableshow mpls forwarding-table
mpls remote-bindings printshow ldp databaseshow mpls bindingshow mpls ilm-table
mpls local-bindings printshow ldp databasesh mpls ip binding localshow mpls ilm-table
mpls printshow mpls label usagesh mpls ldp parametersshow mpls label-space 0

BGP Commands

MikroTikJuniperCiscoIP Infusion
routing bgp peer print briefshow bgp summaryshow ip bgp summaryshow ip bgp summary
routing bgp peer print statusshow bgp neighborshow ip bgp neighborshow ip bgp neighbors
routing bgp advertisements print peer=peer_nameshow route advertising-protocol bgp ip bgp neighbor advertised-routesshow ip bgp neighbors advertised-routes
ip route print where received-from=peer_nameshow route receive-protocol bgp ip bgp neighbor received-routesshow ip bgp neighbors received-routes
ip route print where bgp=yesshow route protocol bgpshow ip route bgpshow ip route bgp
routing bgp peer refresh peer1clear bgp neighbor soft-inboundclear ip bgp soft inclear ip bgp soft in
routing bgp peer resend peer1clear bgp neighbor softclear ip bgp soft outclear ip bgp soft out

Let us know what other commands you would like to see in our rosetta stone to make switching network operating systems a breeze.