MikroTik introduces Back to Home (bth) VPN in ROS 7.11 beta/rc

MikroTik introduces Back to Home (bth) VPN in ROS 7.11 beta/rc

by | Aug 1, 2023

Back To Home – RouterOS – MikroTik Documentation

MikroTik already has a wealth of VPN options and is introducing another with the Back to Home or BTH VPN service. The framework underneath is based on wireguard which MikroTik began supporting in the early 7.x series of RouterOS.

What makes this notable is the addition of relay servers that MikroTik hosts to facilitate ease of VPN access when behind NAT.

This VPN service appears to be targeted at home users, gamers and others that need a “push button” VPN solution without complex routing or advanced configuration options.

It’s also important to point out that the solution is dual stacked and uses IPv4 and IPv6 by default so it will scale well globally.

BTH tab under the cloud menu

App based remote connectivity.

MikroTik is developing Android & Apple apps to use as clients of the BTH VPN service. While not released yet, there are preview screen shots in the online docs.

Manual Configuration

MikroTik also allows manual configuration of a remote endpoint using either ROS config for wireguard to be pasted in or via a QR code.