App delivery for an improved pizza experience

App delivery for an improved pizza experience

by | Apr 1, 2022

It’s been a while since we started work on one of our newest projects.  We have been trying to solve a problem in app location.  It all came from the notion that Little Caesars know where my pizza is, so why can’t the network resolve where the app is?    We also thought it would be novel use of Anycast because the app can be anywhere.

So, what problems specifically have we solved using this design?  Intent based gateways are a signaling mechanism allows the apps to be delivered along with the pizza.  As we can see app Buffalo Wings can reach both the intent based gateway and Fried Pickles using TI-LFA, which strips the fat bits before they reach the gateway.   Our unique caching solution using Tupperware, which are stacked in K8s, allows for the apps to be delivered in a bursty nexthop specific competitive manner.  This has proven to keep the apps warm within the physical layer.

In our example, the Delivery Center Interconnect,  we are doing an east to west Multi Pizza Layered Service that can drop the apps with full BTU into any of the regions.  The apps are unaware of the topping layer and rely on layer 2 media skipping protocol to travel between regions.  As you can see, pineapple pizza is restricted to the west security zone because its traffic is otherwise discarded.  Flows between Brooklyn and deep dish can be maintained because the overlay is based on ZeroTabasco.

A full mesh is achieved with the IGulP maintained by IS-IS.  In this example a choice of which app is being forced so FFR can redirect service when the apps fail to reach the intent based gateway