Network Audit & Discovery

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Network Audit & Discovery

There are several major areas of documentation the team at IP ArchiTechs can help with:

Keeping accurate and current network documentation is critical to solving operational challenges, planning for new services and maintaining business continuity.

Network documentation has always been a challenge to keep current due to lack of time, resources and tools.

IP ArchiTechs can help solve those problems with experienced engineers and architects that understand what data is needed for effective network documentation.

We perform network audits to ensure the network is built and functioning as expected with detailed reports of issues and design improvements.

Gathering requirements and presenting justification for grants, federal/state/local funding can be a daunting task for an organization that’s never been through the process.

Applications for funding can be incredibly lengthy and ask for details like capacity planning, oversubscription ratios and validation of speeds advertised.

Our team has successfully prepared, reviewed and edited applications for funding at all levels and offered both technical and business guidance to ensure the requirements of the application are being met or exceeded.

Applying for resources like IPv4/IPv6 address space or an autonomous system for BGP is a challenging process.

The network team at IP ArchiTechs has worked with numerous clients to prepare and edit applications for resources with organizations like ARIN and RIPE.

The requirements can sometimes be confusing and we have practical experience working with clients to ensure a smooth and timely process when interacting with Regional Internet Registries.

Get control of your network documentation by letting our team of experts work with you.


Review and document the health of your network


No documentation? Our team can quickly fill that gap to regain visibility.

Application for Funding

Prepare and edit Federal/State/Local applications for funding network expansion.

IP/ASN Justifications

Leverage our experience with ARIN, RIPE and other RIRs to prepare justification documents for IPv4, IPv6 and BGP ASN requests.

How your network will benefit from partnering with IP ArchiTechs

The IP ArchiTechs team can rapidly bring decades of experience to your business and quickly implement network changes in a safe way. Our ability to understand your business and technical requirements in a very short timeframe and execute on those goals is unparalleled. Our exposure to small entrepreneurial startups, large global businesses and everything in between makes us a perfect fit for your organization.

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Improve your network with:

  • Access to network architects
  • Access to multi-vendor validated designs and architectures
  • Network documentation and discovery
  • Network troubleshooting and resolution
  • Implementation of new protocols and capabilities
  • Network outage resolution by expert network engineers and architects
  • Development of new designs and systems to solve complex problems