WEBINAR: Validated MX204 Alternatives: IP Infusion OcNOS

IP Infusion network operating systems

WEBINAR: Validated MX204 Alternatives: IP Infusion OcNOS

We recently did a webinar on alternatives to Juniper Network’s MX204 platform. While the MX204 was a fully capable router it was End Of Life’d and then recently the EOL was revoked after approximately a year. During the period before the end of life revocation operators searched for various alternatives.

IP Infusion’s OcNOS rose as one of the prime contenders as a replacement after they announced support for newer silicon, Qumran2 from broadcom, allowing them to enter the market as a capable border and peering router.

We went through some of the supported platforms, support systems, and whitebox ecosystem in this webinar.

Find a recording here:

Find the slides here:

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