Welcome to Area

Area is a technical blog published by IPA that covers a wide variety of network and systems engineering subjects. Although we work across multiple vendors, there will be a heavy focus on MikroTik and RouterOS. This is heavily influenced by our day to day work as MikroTik integrators and we hope to share some of the unique solutions we have engineered mixed in with discussions on emerging technologies and hardware reviews.

IP ArchiTechs maintains one of the largest interop labs in North America (located in the Jackson, MS metro area) for testing and designing MikroTik based solutions with other network vendors.  One of the functions of Area is to highlight some of the “secret” projects currently being tested in our racks and on our lab benches.

Some of you might be wondering why the title has instead 51. With a nod towards our tendency to find network geek humor in just about everything that we do, is a valid OSPF area in dotted decimal notation.

Route, Switch or get out of the forwarding plane !! 🙂 Stay Tuned….



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